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TFF Fitness was the culmination of owners Fahad and Athena Maniar combining their two biggest passions in life, fitness and personal development.

Both Fahad and Athena had many years of experience within the fitness industry with a background in combat sport and professional fitness coaching respectively and, whilst they would feel comfortable training at any gym due to their own confidence in that environment, they saw a massive flaw within the fitness industry.

The Fitness Industry just wasn't serving the people that needed it the most. The people struggling to get results, who were intimidated by the thought of going to a gym or who didn't really know what to do.

Couple this with the firm belief that when you're fitter, you're more effective as a human being, Athena and Fahad wanted to help people improve their lives, both in body and in mind by creating a coaching facility that embodied their passion for personal and physical development and coupled their values of integrity, professionalism

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