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One to one and small group personal training in Leicester

Getting fit doesn't have to be frustrating!

Getting in shape is hard. It's even harder when you have to do it alone. That's why, when you train with TFF, you'll be reassured that you'll never have to walk alone on your journey to optimum health and fitness.

You'll be in safe hands as you'll be working along award winning personal trainers who utilise the latest in science and technology to give you an effective workout and nutrition strategy whilst making it fun and engaging.

Our Services

One to One
Our elite coaching program for discerning clients who require full attention

Semi Private
Make friends in our small group personal training at an affordable rate

Work with our coaches remotely online with global access

Muay Thai
Get fit, confident and learn the martial art of Muay Thai. 1-2-1 and kids classes available.

Our Facility

Our new 4000 Sq Ft facility is Open! Situated close to the city center, our new facility has a purpose built, private gym as well as InBody fat testing facilities, a supplement shop and 3 individual studio spaces.

We also offer complimentary services such as Sports massage and Sports Therapy as well as aesthetic treatments such as Fillers.

Meet Our Coaches

You're in safe hands with our friendly and knowledgable trainers with over 30 years of experience between them 

Fahad Maniar

After his own journey to transform his life and body through fitness, Fahad became a competitive Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighter. He combines his passions for fitness, helping people and personal development to guide clients through their own journey.

Athena Maniar

WIth a vast amount of knowledge and experience, Athena is a highly sought after coach who has helped hundreds of people transform their bodies, whether for competition or just for health. Athena is passionate about a holistic approach to fitness in both mind and body.

But Don't Take Our Word For It... See What Our Clients Say


Very Helpful

Team fighting fit has helped me improve my lifestyle and improved my fitness. I have grown in confidence all thanks to the fitness and lifestyle coaching provided I couldn't recommend anyone better. The results speak for it self

Irfan Chhatbar

Worked Online with Fahad

Having been working with Fahad for months now I can tell you that he truly cares about his clients. He will push you to attain whatever goals you set for yourself. If you are really serious about getting fit and done screwing around, Fahad is the man to call.

Heath Johnson

Best of the best

Best of the best. Motivating to others for better lives!

Ranjodh Singh

No Ordinary Studio!

This is no ordinary studio. I attend classes filled with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, religions all with one goal, to be a better version of ourselves. With Athena''s passion, drive and enthusiasm I feel like nothing is impossible and sharing my journey with such a diverse group of people makes me happier than I have ever been in any other fitness environment. I've never felt fitter in body and mind and it is all down to Athena.

Sam Sparkey

Simply Brilliant! Fahad's patience and devotion were traits which helped me greatly when I decided to give peronal training a go. He made himself accessible to me at all times and no question was too stupid to be asked. I would highly recommend Team Fighting Fit regardless of where you are on your fitness journey.

Peter Joel


Very friendly, helpful and professional. Knows how to personalise programs to suit different individuals needs and goals

Natalie Dolan

Finally lost some weight!

I've been working with Fahad for over half a year now. While it is near impossible for me to lose weight, I have lost 10kg and I do build strength and suppleness which allow me to function in day to day life. I have a multitude of issues and Team Fighting Fit tailors my program to match my body.

Hugh Wood

Fahad is an excellent coach. He structured the training programme around my needs and always provides sound nutritional information and advice together with guidance on performing exercises with proper form. My physique and general health has improved considerably since I started training with Team Fighting Fit. I would highly recommend TFF to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness.

Mohammed ibrahim

Worth travelling for!

The best, delivered by the best. No nonsense, results based business, that has helped me to build a better body, mind and life. I have travelled from Watford to Leicester many a time and it has definitely been worth it. Thank you Fahad and Team Fighting Fit

Nim Rajah

Fun and great coach

I love the energy in every single training session.Fahad bring fun into the workout and pushes me to make me work hard. The feeling afterwards is amazing where you feel energised and want to carry on to achieve your goals. Not only do you get a amazing workout but you also get continuous support at all times this is dedication.

Nikita Vyas

I've used TFF services since January 2016 and always been looked aftet by the team. Farhad himself has a great personal story of how he come from a not fit place to where he is, and so one can take inspiration from that.

Nalin Parbhu

I have been with Fahad for one year now. I have made tremendous progress since I started. Shifting that belly weight and going from 16% body fat to 10%. The group sessions are seriously motivating along with the fun, the competitive yet supportive environment and the expert guidance of Fahad . I am now at my next stage of building muscle and in this time of Covid 19 I have received good support from Fahad from borrowing key equipment for home workouts and online mentoring and guidance. The diet plan has been tailored to me and details explained how how it works.

Amitkumar Mistry

Best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Tailored the programme to my personal needs taking into account my injuries. The time and effort Fahad puts into your programme behind the scenes is incredible. Would not work with another PT again.

Nitin Chandarana

Fahed & Athena really work hard to ensure their clients meet their goal! They take pride in what they do and take time in explaining the benefits of what exercises we do. Thank you guys for your support!

Irfan Mayet

Our Mission Is To Transform The Lives And Fitness Levels Of Over 10,000 People

5 Years 
Clients Helped
Calories Burned
/10,000 people

Media and Articles 

We are not like other gyms

We have recently kitted out a state of the art 4000sq foot facility with gym, multiple training rooms, showers and a chill out room for our clients.

Our facility is located on 99 Barkby Road, Leicester, LE4 9LG (Opposite Barky Timber)

Voted Personal Trainer of The Year For Leicester, 2019 Origym Awards


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