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Saying we really care about our clients and are focussed on the results they get may sound clichéd in the health and fitness industry but we do put our clients above everything else which is why we get great results and have such a good retention rate with clients.

I'm sure we can say a lot of good things about ourselves but our real measure is what our team members say about us and the results they've gotten. Have a look below and see what our  awesome clients have to say about us

Reena Patel - Practice Nurse, Leicester

Reena is a national award winning practice nurse from Leicester who has been training one to one with Coach Fahad for over a year now. Her aim was to lose body fat. 
After losing much of the body fat and increasing her strength, she's well on her way to her goal of  a flat, six pack stomach!

Harshiv Karia - Dental Student, Leicester/London

Harshiv needed a place to train during his summer holidays from University. He's well into fitness and works with a personal trainer back in London where he studies dentistry.

Hear how Harshiv compares Coach Fahad to much more expensive, London based coaches.

Younus Desai - Company Director, London/Leicester

Another client from London. Younus regularly trains in Muay Thai and other fitness disciplines when he is in London but when he comes to escape the grind of the nation's capital and visit family, he still needs to train and chooses Team Fighting Fit for his training needs. Watch him as he has a one to one Thai Boxing session with Coach Fahad

Yaqoob Maniar - London

We also work with kids! Yaqoob started training in London in Muay Thai and his father sent him for a week intensive training program with Coach Fahad to give him an edge on his training.

Ladies Semi Private Session

A selection of testimonials from Coach Athena's ladies only personal training groups. She has a passion for working with strong, independent women, helping them increase their confidence, inner strength, mindset and their vitality!

Mens Semi Private Session

A selection of testimonials from Coach Fahad's men's group. In this group, we focus on building strength, improving posture and building muscle whilst conditioning our bodies to burn fat.

All semi private clients have access to a coach for help and nutrition advice!

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