Are you ready for the Sunday Shred?

Join the exclusive Fat Incinerating group class hosted by Team Fighting Fit and Valkyrie Lifestyle Design!

Fahad Maniar, Head Coach

A combination of high intensity interval training systems to create the best fat blasting workout you can imagine! Get ready to feel the burn!

What Is The Sunday Shred?

Saturday's are great, we get a day off work (most of us), chill out with the family and let go a bit - which usually means a bit too much to eat or drink, right?

Well, why not start your Sunday with a new fitness class designed to burn calories and fat like no other to compensate for your Saturday?

It's no secret now that the best type of training to burn fat whilst increasing lean muscle is high intensity interval training. The trouble is what to do and having the motivation to do it yourself.

I've taken the latest science when it comes to what works with regards to training to create my own unique take on HIIT training.

The Sunday Shred is a 45 minute class to be held on Sundays at 1pm ​and is open to only 6 people

Get it FREE!!!

To commemorate the launch of the Sunday Shred, I'm offering November for FREE! That's right, Secure your spot today and your direct debit will start on the 1st of December. This means that the earlier you secure your spot, the more potential sessions you can have in November - ACT NOW!!!


My goal is to provide you with a workout that leaves you feeling amazing! If you secure your spot on the Sunday Shred class and you're not entirely satisfied with your first class and don't think that it's an amazing workout - we'll cancel your direct debit - You've nothing to lose (well, just a bit of fat!)

Your questions answered!

"Do I have to be super fit to do this?"

The Sunday Shred class is intense, yes, but it is open to all levels of fitness because of the type of training we do. You work at your own pace but you're going to work hard!

"Will I be guaranteed to lose fat?"

The honest answer is, it depends! The Sunday Shred class is designed to help you burn fat and increase your metabolic rate through something called EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption) But, that being said, you can't out exercise a bad diet and one session a week is not going to be enough. This class was designed to get results for people who already do other forms of exercise and are following a diet plan - Don't worry though. We can help you with diet and even offer extra classes and personal training if you currently don't already work out.

"Securing my position asks me to pay"

You'll be asked to set up a direct debit, yes. But don't worry. Your direct debit won't be taken out straight away until you've had a chance to try the class out. If you're not happy with the class or we decide this isn't for you - We'll cancel the direct debit with no questions asked. The only reason we do this is so we know that you're serious about training as we only have 6 spots open and we don't want to waste your time, our time or other potential client's time

"What If I stop coming"

If you give us notice that you can no longer make sessions, we'll cancel your payment and plan and you'll lose your spot. You'll be automatically entered into a priority list to be informed of openings if you so wish to join in the future. All we ask is for you to give us 30 days notice that you won't be attending any more for whatever reason.

"I still have a question"

No worries, just give us an email at or give us me a all on 0777 9 225 668