Semi Private Training – Team Fighting Fit

Semi-Private training

The Evolution of Personal Training

One to one personal training is designed to give you a completely tailored approach to your health and fitness needs which allows both coach and client to maximise a training program to its full potential and have compete dedication and focus from the trainer.

Sessions Offered

Morning Warrior

 - Start your day with power with a 6:45am workout!
 Designed for busy professionals and business people who want to have a workout before the start of their busy day!
 You'll train in a small group with 3 other people and complete a circuit based training program comprising of weight training, bodyweight  resistance training, combat sport conditioning (pad work and kickboxing conditioning drills).

 We finish the session and enjoy a "Green Smoothie" for a perfect, energised  start to a busy day (You're more than welcome to use shower  facilities on premises)

Fighting Fit Bootcamp

 - An intense 12 week transformation project designed to help you drastically improve your fitness whilst burning fat, toning up and having  fun! You'll get a combination of weight training, bodyweight resistance training, combat sport specific conditioning training and nutrition  tips to help you achieve your transformation goals!

Fighting Fit Bootcamp (Ladies Only)

 - A special bootcamp for ladies only. You get the same intense training and results as the Fighting Fit Bootcamp however, you'll be training with  other  lades only

How to Apply??

Get in touch today by completing an application for a discovery session. We'll soon be in touch by phone to talk to you about your goals and answer any questions you may have and then invite you to our private training studio to discuss your goals in more details and to have your assessments and body composition test done. 

Because this is a group session, you're more than welcome to bring a friend along!