One-to-one – Team Fighting Fit

1 to 1  Personal training

If you demand the best and don't want to compromise on your body and goals then apply to be onw of our ELITE clients and experience the ultimate coaching experience to get into the body you dream.

The Ultimate in training

One to one personal training is designed to give you a completely tailored approach to your health and fitness needs which allows both coach and client to maximise a training program to its full potential and have compete dedication and focus from the trainer.

Why go Elite

Our elite 1 to 1 packages give you dedicated time with one of our our top coaches. You will have a comprehensive training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching program made around your schedule where we will look at all aspects of your training, nutrition and lifestyle in great detail in order to help you get the results you want in the fastest and safest way possible whilst giving you a private and flexible service.

We offer a full array of services to our elite clients including blood analysis, nutrition testing, meal prepping and lifestyle coaching as well as extra services such as physiotherapy to ensure you're getting the best out of your training and time with us.

One to one packages are built bespoke to meet a client's needs so prices can not be put on our website for them however, a typical elite client package starts at approximately £1500 and can be spread across monthly instalments. 

How to Get Started

It all starts with a Discovery Session. These sessions are designed to gain clarity on what you want to achieve whilst working with us and beyond and how you can achieve the goals you desire as well as find out where you are in relation to your goals. Once we've discussed your goals, we'll then book you in for an assessment and get started on our journey together.

Please note, in order to make sure our one to one personal training clients get the ultimate treatment,   we only take on a limited number of personal training clients on at any one time. If a space is not available for you, we will put you on a priority waiting list.

Eligibility criteria

Before we book you in for a discovery session, it's important that you understand we have strict criteria for our elite clients. Please ensure that you meet the following criteria before you apply:

  • Serious about your goals and ready to commit
  • Willing to invest both financially and put aside a few hours a week to meet with us
  • You're coachable - If you're going to be resistant to change, this isn't going to work
  • Have a sense of humour - We like to have a good relationship with our elite cliens

What happens next?

We work with you to create an individualized training program taking into account your needs and current lifestyle as well as your current fitness levels and bio mechanics.  We'll discuss your nutrition and set you up with an easy to follow plan to help you start seeing results as well as give you a full training experience that incorporates weight training and bodyweight resistance training as well as  combat based cardio and conditioning training to give you a unique yet entertaining and most importantly, effective, training experience.