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Informed Consent Form, terms and conditions


  1. Explanation of the exercises and assessments - You will perform a number of exercises and or tests. The exercise intensity of each will be at a level appropriate to your ability. We may stop at any time because of signs of fatigue or, you may stop when you wish because of personal feelings of fatigue or discomfort.


  1. Risks and discomforts - there exists the possibility of certain changes occurring during physical activity. They include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorder of heartbeat and in rare instances, heart attack, stroke or death.

Every effort will be made to minimise these risks by evaluation of preliminary information relating to your health and fitness and by observations during testing. Trained personnel are available to deal with unusual situations that may arise.


  1. Responsibilities of the client - information you possess about your health status or previous experiences of unusual feelings with physical effort may affect the safety and value of your training. Prompt reporting of feelings of effort during the exercise tests are of great importance. It is your responsibility to fully disclose such information when requested.


A client is expected to be in a state of readiness when they train. This includes being adequately hydrated and nourished prior to a session having eaten and drank in accordance with the a coaches guidance or at least have had water and food at least 2 hours prior to a session.

If a client attends a booked session in a state where training would be unsafe due to malnutrition or dehydration, their coach has the right to terminate the session as a client's safety is our highest priority.

In the case of a terminated session, it will be classed as a missed session and can not be made up. The coach can use that time however, at their discretion, as they see fit including but not exclusively to discuss the program, nutrition or go through lifestyle coaching.


  1. Benefits to be expected - the results obtained from the exercise tests will assist in evaluating what type of physical activities you may participate in.


  1. Injuries - any questions about the procedures used in assessments or during training are encouraged.

If you have any doubts or questions, please ask for further explanations. It is the client's responsibility to disclose any information to the trainer about injuries the client may have sustained prior to coming for a training session or any injury sustained during a session.

The client takes full responsibility for their conduct during a training session. Any injury sustained to the client or the trainer or any damage caused to the premises or equipment shall be the liability of the client.


  1. Freedom of consent - your permission to perform the exercise is voluntary. You are free to deny consent or stop at any point, if you so desire.


  1. Contract of service


One to one training: The client and the trainer will have agreed a set contract relating to the training required by the client and the particulars of time and cost prior to agreement and for a minimum 6 month period.

The client must give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation of training sessions. Failure to give 24 hours notice will incur that the missed session be paid for in full and is under the trainer's full discretion.

Personal training may require physical contact between the client and the trainer. This will be done for the sole purpose of assisting, instructing and correcting exercise and exercise form. The client is aware of the physical nature of personal training and gives the trainer expressed permission for such.


A client may reschedule their sessions based on the terms above. Programmes will be broken down into months based on a 28 day period (4 weeks). This will be known as a training month.

The client has upto 6 weeks to rearrange any training sessions for the training month. Any unused sessions that are not rescheduled within the 6 week period (training month + 2 week grace period) will not roll over but still be charged for.


Group Training:- For group training clients, a client can not roll over any missed sessions. If a client has an extended period of absense, they must give notice to their coach of such absence. A client can put their account on freeze and effectively hold their spot in a group for a charge of £20 per month.


Under the coaches discretion, a group training client may be afforded 1 personal training session for every 4 group sessions missed.


Unless under circumstances where a client can not have online coaching sessions or check ins with their coach, if a client can not get into the facility for sessions due to holiday, working away etc, they still have access to their coach for advice, check ins and coaching and as such, the onus is on the client to take advantage of this.


The minimum term of contract for group training is 3 months.



No refunds shall be given to a client who ceases training within a contracted period unless under exceptional circumstances (serious illness, bereavement or financial hardship)

We can not offer a refund for duo packages if one of the training partners decides to cease training. 


If a training partner ceases their training commitments, then the remaining member will be eligible to find a replacement training partner.


If a client needs to drop to a single membership then monthly programmes can be changed to reflect a single membership


For pre paid annual memberships, the difference will be added as free sessions on a pro rata basis.


Failure to pay your account at its due time will incur an admin charge of £10 per week until the payment has been made. We can cease your training at any time in the cases of non payment.


Cessation of a coaching agreement must be done outside of a contracted period and the client must provide a month notice of termination. In the event that termination is made within a contracted period, the client is obligated to meet their financial obligations and settle the outstanding balance of training to the end of the contracted period. Outstanding sessions will not be counted in this instance but may, at the trainer's discretion, be added back on in the event that the client returns to training.


In the event that a client needs to cease training before a month of handing a notice of leaving, they would still be liable to fulfilling their financial obligation for the month. This has been put into place in order to allow Famfit ltd time to refill the slot.

  1. Use of images in media – From time to time, we may ask to take photos for progress. We may like to use these photos in our marketing on our website, leaflets and social media.

We will ensure that all photographs are of a tasteful nature and will run them by you before we publish them.

We will also create promotional images, video and other media from time to time which will feature our clients, their success stories and their results. Whilst you're not obligated to take part in any marketing as such, we would sincerely appreciate it if you are happy to take part in such campaigns.



  1. Nutrition advice – Any nutritional advice given to a client is done so with the view of improving a client’s current nutrition and eating habits.

All advice given shall be at the client’s own choice and any suggested food intake or change to a diet shall be done so as advice only and not as a prescribed diet. At no time do any representatives of Famfit Ltd (including Team Fighting Fit and Valkyrie Lifestyle Design) mean for diet advice to act as a remedy or cure to any illness or disease other than advice which may cause alleviation of any ailments a client may be suffering from.

Whilst every effort shall be made by the trainer to provide advice that is safe, based on evidence and legal parameters, the client takes any nutritional advice at their own risk and coaching staff of Famfit LTD will not be held responsible if the client suffers any illness or injury sustained through following any advice either nutritional or exercise related.


Famfit Ltd will not be held accountable for any ill advise shared that has not come directly from coaching staff within the facility.



  1. Use of third party services and products - Team Fighting Fit and Famfit Ltd can take no responsibility or liability for any issues with third party products or services including, but not exclusive to, DNA Fit testing, MyZone heart rate monitoring, sports massage or third party supplements and nutritionals. Whilst we will assist in any way possible to help resolve any issues you may encounter with third party companies, we can not take full responsibility for them.



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