An Affordable Way To Having A 

 MyZone MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Enjoy the competitive thrill of trying to beat the ranks on the monthly leaderboard
  • Get accurate and live bio feedback during a workout including heart rate, heart rate percentage and calories burnt
  • Access to the MyZone app which has extensive features to help support you on your fitness journey
  • Utilise the Heart Rate Monitor with other apps including Elite HRV to get biofeedback relating to stress
  • Access to global competitions to win prizes including cash prizes

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Terms and conditions

1, The MyZone belt will be rented to the client and will remain the property of TFF Fitness until the client decides to purchase it out right.

2. Myzone Rental is charged at £5 per month with a refundable deposit of £60 being charged which is refundable upon receipt of the MZ-3 in good condition (See Point 4.)

3. An outright purchase can be made for £20 pounds at any time but will render the deposit non refundable at that point

4. In order to receive your deposit, the MZ-3 Belt and Heart rate monitor unit must be both returned in working order without defects or damage

5. In the event that a belt, HRM Unit or both is lost or stolen, the client will be lose their right to their deposit back. They will need to enter a new agreement with a new subscription and pay a further deposit of £60 in order to obtain another belt and MZ-3 Unit or they can purchase the unit out right.

6. In the events of any faults to the unit within the first year of rental, TFF will correspond with MyZone on your behalf as the HRM unit will fall under a warranty.

7. No refunds of monthly subscriptions will be given and in the event that a client is absent from training, they will not be eligible for refunds as the unit can be used independently of being physically present at the facility

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