Wanted: 4 busy professional men from Leicester

If you're frustrated by your lack of fitness, energy and confidence then this group is for you! Dominate your day with our morning group personal training program

Limited spaces available - Apply now to secure your spot!

Exclusively for motivated people in the Leicester Area - Men and Women's seperate groups available

End your fitness frustrations

Getting fit doesn't have to be hard. In fact, we know what it takes to help busy men like you get fit and dominate their day.

Working out first thing in the morning has been shown to not only help you sculpt the confident body that you desire but it's also been shown to increase productivity and energy into your working day (win win!)

Why not start your day with power with our morning group training program that meets Mon-Thurs 6:45am-7:30am

What you're going to get

Our semi private coaching program is designed to help you get the results you want with your body composition. Our goal is to quickly bring down body fat and help you gain lean muscle through regimented training and nutrition coaching.

Of course, the results you get will be down to the amount of effort you want to put in both in and out of training but our coaches are on hand to help you regardless. 

You'll get access to an experienced coach who will give you all the support you need including regular assessments along the way to make sure you stay on track and you'll be working in a supportive environment with like minded people. We keep the groups small enough so you get expert and individual attention whilst allowing us to offer you our high quality service at the fraction of the investment in one to one coaching.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You're serious about achieving results
  • You're willing to work hard
  • You're willing to invest in yourself
  • You can train at our Studio in the Humberstone area of Leicester
  • You're coachable
  • You're willing to change the way you eat
  • You have a good sense of humour and a positive attitude!
  • You can train at 6:45am

Real People - Real Results!

We think we're pretty cool but don't take our word for it! Find out what our awesome members have to say about us!

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