WANTED: 6 Busy males in Leicester who want to lose up to 12kgs in just 12 week, gain confidence in how they look whilst still enjoying your favourite foods throughout the program!

If you’ve always wanted outstanding results with your body and fitness but thought it can’t be achieved without hours in the gym every day, sacrificing every spare and precious moment whilst eating a diet of chicken, broccoli and rice, I have good news for you!

Course Details:

Start Date August 16th 2016
Sessions: Tuesday and Thurday 8-9pm and Sunday 11am
Full 12 week course!
Venue details: 123 Humberstone Drive, Leicester, LE5 0RF (Map below)

If you're looking to get in control of your health and fitness and can train in the evenings, read on!

In 90 days, we're going to get you fighting fit!

Hi I’m Fahad and I want you to know you can achieve your fitness and health goals and transform your life by increasing your confidence, self esteem and energy levels by transforming your body. I know this because I did it myself.

You’ll get to see my own body transformation soon.

This is me on the right with my daughter, Sahara enjoying lunch at our favourite restaurant, Wagamamas.

As a busy dad and business owner, I don’t want to sacrifice the good times. As a professional fighter, I used to be all or nothing. I know the dedication you need to get fighting fit but I also know it's not a road everyone wants to go down but you don't have to train as hard as a fighter or athlete or a fitness model to get great results. Of course, if your goal is to grace the front cover of a magazine, our programmes and coaches can help you get their faster but that's probably not what you're after.

Now, I have learned  how to enjoy my favourite foods whilst still sticking to my fitness goals and I will teach you how to do this throughout the program too!

I started my own body transformation after being sick and tired of feeling down and depressed with myself.

I decided enough was enough and dedicated my life at that point in studying how to create a body that I was both confident in and proud of, one that made me feel amazing and powerful and

 I have made it my mission to help other people change their lives by getting fitter and healthier because I believe when you improve your body, you feel better about yourself and when you feel better about yourself, you do everything else in your life with more energy.

If like me, you love the idea of lifting weights, punching and kicking pads and doing some MMA style strength and conditioning work whilst enjoying seeing your body change on a daily basis and eating a balanced diet all alongside working with a top coach in a private facility then this program is for you!

It’s all about seeing rapid results whilst rubbing shoulders with like minded people without having to sacrifice or compromise on life and socialising with their friends and family.

Why make it hard by starving yourself and why make exercise all about running on a treadmill when it can be so much more fun and time effective than that?​

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Our 90 day challenge is specifically designed for busy men who have no problem committing to their goals but need some help with their fitness and can train in the evenings on week days and on weekends.

I've taken all of my experience of a professional Kickboxer and Muay Thai Fighter along with my deep knowledge of nutrition and understanding of the human body, mind and what works in fitness and body building to create the ultimate training program for guys who want to get the body they truly desire!

Why 90 days? It has been said that your results so far have been a consequence of habit and one of my favourite quotes of all time is, "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit".

We have found that 90 days is a great time span to develop some new positive and empowering habits whilst giving you a time frame to see visible results.

  • 3 coaching sessions per week
  • Body composition analysis and regular assessments
  • Full support between sessions via whatsapp and facebook groups
  • Nutrition coaching and support
  • Discounts on supplements 
  • Work with two of the top fitness coaches in the area
  • Train in a private facility
  • Work in a small group of upto 5 other like minded guys with the same goals as yourself.

We understand that you're desperate for results and appreciate the value of a personal trainer and coach by your side to help you every step of the way but it may seem like a luxury you simply can't afford right now. That's why we've created this package with an investment 

at a ridiculously low price of £14 per session!

You'll still get to work with a top coach in Leicester with years of experience and a proven track record for getting successful results for his clients with the added bonus of working with other great guys!

Course Details:

Start Date August 16th 2016
Sessions: Tuesday and Thurday 8-9pm and Sunday 11am
Full 12 week course!
Venue details: 123 Humberstone Drive, Leicester, LE5 0RF (Map below)

Our coaching is designed to help you...

  • Get stronger, faster and better!
    Training sessions are built around weight training and strength and conditioning protocols used by fighters and professional athletes to help you get results but also improve your overall performance and posture
  • Live life!
    You'll get nutrition coaching including our legendary 14 day quick start guide and macro books plus on going coaching. Our holistic approach also will help you sleep better too so you will have more energy to do more of the things you love!
  • Be the MAN!
    The training and nutrition protocol is designed to help you boost your natural testosterone levels helping you build muscle, burn fat and perform better in all areas
  • Boost confidence                        
    Looking good naked isn't just for the ladies, let's be honest, when you lack confidence it effects all other areas of your life. We're here to help you crush your comfort zones and create the best version of you! 

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