Wanted: 6 ladies from Leicester for our ladies only Thai Boxing 3 week trial!

By popular demand! We're putting on a semi private training group for 6 ladies who want to get into kick ass shape, gain confidence and learn the most potent martial art for self defense!

3 Week Course only £37!! 

Limited spaces available - Apply now to secure your spot!

Exclusively for motivated people in the Leicester Area - Men and Women's seperate groups available

Who am I?

Hi, I am Fahad. A passionate fitness coach from Leicester who has made it his life misssion to helping people unlock their potential by
regaining their bodies and developing self confidence through fitness.

I'm an ex pro Kick and Thai boxer and I've been asked for a long time now to put on a ladies fitness/Thai boxing class to help ladies get toned, fit and learn self defense!

What's Thai Boxing?

Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai as it's properly known as, is a Thai martial art that is famous for its practical nature as well as for providing an awesome workout. Thai boxing is different from more traditional forms of martial arts such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do because the emphasis is not on flash moves but on effective techniques that are designed to work!

Thai boxing sessions are also fun and will make you sweat!

What's the 3 week trial about and what do you get?

I have put together a 6-week beginners course condensed into a 3-week program. You'll be training twice a week with myself and 5 other like-minded ladies. 

We use our popular semi-private training model which means, you'll be working in a smaller group so you get as much attention from your coach but at a fraction of the cost of a one to one session. 

You'll learn the basic kicks and punches by the end of the three weeks, you'll:

-  Know Basic Footwork
- Understand the 'Science of 8 Limbs' fundamentals - Kicks, Knees, Punches and Elbows
- Learn basic Self-defence 
- improve stamina, flexibility 
- Have fun and make a few new friends

3 Weeks only every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm Commencing Weds 26th of June

Please be aware we will be taking photos and videos of the sessions for a promo video we're making

Real People - Real Results!

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