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Get the most out of your training with our special 14 day detox diet plan​

Most people that start a coaching program with us have experienced many years of poor dietary and exercise habits and as a result, find it hard to lose weight and get fit. 

We understand that one of the most important things for our new members is to see fast results. After all, when you see your body changing quickly and experience more energy, vitality, focus and better quality of sleep as well as seeing the pounds drop on the scale or the muscle gain on the body, you will have confidence in us, our process but most importantly, the belief that you can achieve your dream physique!

That's why we've created the 14 day detox diet guide. It's pretty straight forward but it is strict and obviously, the closer you follow the guide, the better results you'll get from it. The guide is pretty self explanatory - You will work over the next 2 weeks to cut out foods that cause intolerance and inflammation in order to heal the body so that the body remembers how to burn fat as a fuel again. And that there is the key, our goal is to get your body to burn fat for fuel, especially at rest, as opposed to sugar and carbohydrates that most people are conditioned to doing (and which is why most people just can't seem to lose weight!)

Week 1 will focus on reducing inflammation and week 2 will start to reintroduce foods and from there, we will re assess you and discuss a dietary plan going forward that will work for you!