How cutting edge DNA technology can help you get faster fitness results

Get the Genetic Advantage !

If you’ve tried to get fit and found that things were not going the way you’d like, you’d be forgiven for thinking that maybe you weren't’ cut out to have the body and health that you dream of. You may have even blamed things outside of your control like your genetics.

The truth is, genetics do play a part in your fitness, health and sporting ability but it not an excuse because you can achieve your goals despite your genetics to achieve the dream body and fitness levels and levels of health and wellbeing you desire.

But what if you could know how your genes affect your fitness goals? What if you could get an idea of how your genetics are helping or hindering your progress.

We’ve recently just partnered up with a cutting edge company called DNA fit and have been approved and certified to be an accredited provider of their DNA Fit services.The service starts with a DNA swab test that we provide you.

The swab is sent to a lab and within 10 days, you receive a detailed report based on your genetic make up.

You see, we all have DNA but each of us have differences in our genes called Polymorphism.  The individual strands of DNA that can differ due to polymorphism are called SNP’s (pronounced Snips)DNA Fit look at a series of genes that have been backed up by scientific research to show they affect both diet and performance in training and supply a report of genes that affect the way you react to both training and diet.

Eliminate the guess work and save time!

Once we have your results, we’ll be able to tell whether you’re suited more to power or endurance exercises, what your recovery potential is, your risk of injury and your aerobic potential. We’ll also know what diet your body will be more suited to, what your detoxification capability is and whether you’re sensitive to saturated fats, carbohydrates, salt, caffeine and alcohol.We’re also given an idea of what vitamins, minerals and supplements you should be taking. With all of this information, we’re able to eliminate the guesswork in designing you a nutrition and training program and ultimately get the results you want faster.

The investment for the DNA Fit test is £250 which includes your kit, full report and post test consultation to determine what the best nutrition and training protocol would be for you.

Once you've purchased your kit, you'll need to get in touch with us by emailing to arrange your initial chat where we'll tell you how to use the kit and get it to you (we'll give you this face to face, we won't post itto you)

If you are not local, we will arrange for this to be done on the phone and arrange for a kit to be posted out (This will incur postage)