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Voted Personal Trainer of The Year For Leicester, 2019 Origym Awards

"We are not just another gym"

We know you want results but there's a huge problem in the world today. Despite there being hundreds of gyms, fitness programmes and diets available, more and more people are finding it harder to achieve their goals.

We believe we are the solution! At TEAM FIGHTING FIT, we pride ourselves on providing a results focussed service to help our clients with each area of concern when it comes to your goals. We regularly assess our clients, coach them on exercise and technique and helping them understand nutrition and lifestyle changes that need to be implemented to make their dreams a reality!

Our Philosophy

We believe in coaching using principles that get results and are steeped in science. With over 30 years of experience in fitness, nutrition and mindset, we know what works to get our client's results but what really sets us apart is that we don't consider ourselves trainers at all. We believe in coaching and to help facilitate a change by lighting a fire inside of you whilst trainers light a fire under you.

The Results You Want!

You want to be fitter, healthier and look sexier but fitness is about so much more. That is why we take your individual needs into account.
To get you the results you want in the quickest and safest way, we only do 1 to 1 and private group training. This allows us to give you more individual attention than you'd get at a larger fitness class or "big box" gym

Contact Us

Let's talk, We're happy to help you discover your goals and work out the best course of action for you. We have a very motivating style and you can be assured that we'll get to the bottom of what's holding you back from making the progress you want - once and for all!

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Some of our happy clients getting results!

Ishaaq Roberts Entrepreneur, Turkey

Fahad helped me to lose 3kg of Fat and see my six pack at age 49! I am now happy with my body and recommend anyone to work with Fahad and Team Fighting Fit

Nita N. Manager at head office of a major health food retail chain, Leicester

"Fahad managed to reignite my passion exercise...I now look and feel amazing! Fahad knew exactly how to encourage, push and entertain me during our personal training sessions. With a detailed training programme, I was shocked to see how quickly I progressed, lifting more and hitting PB's on a weekly basis. I'm back to being a regular at the gym thanks to Team Fighting Fit, I can't recommend Fahad enough!

Laura Williams Manager of major pub/restaurant chain, Leicester

I have worked with Fahad for a few months now, In that time I've definitely noticed improvements in my health and fitness. More importantly, my friends have noticed too, especially that I seem more happy and confident. Thanks to Fahad, none of my clothes fit anymore as I've lost so much weight but that's a good problem to have! I have had an awesome time working with Team Fighting Fit and Fahad and only had to stop because I've moved away but I would highly recommend him

Imagine your life lived with fearless confidence, more energy, more clarity and more productivity, if you feel that would benefit you then you owe it to yourself to invest in you!