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Is lifting weights bad for your joints?

You can see the video version of this article by clicking the following link Is lifting weights bad for your joints? This is actually a common question and concern amongst people who want to get fit but are hesitant to start a resistance or strength training program. Logic tells us that if we over exercise […]

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Angles 90 Grips Review

I review the Angles 90 Grips. These are a new product that aim to make training more comfortable and ergonomic whilst being more effective. The Angles90 Grips can also come with resistance bands and a suspension trainer which allow you to get an effective workout at home. I’ve created a 2 part video review of […]

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Are eggs healthy?

What’s the deal with eggs? Nature’s perfect food or evil artery clogging device conspired by chickens to rid the world of the human race? Well, it’s kind of funny how things go. One minute things are good for you, then they’re bad then all of a sudden they’re good again and that’s the case with […]

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