What Is Gymtimidation?

Apr 07, 2022

What Is Gymtimidation

By Coach Fahad Maniar


Let’s be honest, the gym can be a pretty scary place for some people…

I mean, you’re probably already self conscious about your body as it is without having to go into an environment where the uniform is tight lycra that does nothing for your personal modesty or shorts that show off a little too much than you’re prepared.

Not to mention the fact that you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb and face the embarrassment of looking like a complete noob when it comes to doing exercises… especially that one where you sit in the machine and open and close your legs apart… like seriously, where should you even look?


Then, you have to deal with all the scary looking muscle blokes or the intimidating yoga pant clad ladies who have popped out right out of instagram.

Yup, the gym can be a pretty intimidating environment. In fact, it’s been called Gymdimidation by some.

Gymtimidation can be the cause of many people to not go to a gym or start a workout program, which is quite sad because the gym should be an environment where you feel safe and welcome when it comes to improving your health and well being.

The thing to remember though is that there are different types of gyms, each catering to their own niche audience.

You’ll have the more hardcore gyms - the type where they’ve never turned the heating on for years, spitting on the floor is commonplace, loud and aggressive music being played with misogynistic crap graffitid on the walls. This is the place you train when you’re  a serious muscle head.

But, if that’s not you? You could try something else, what about commercial gyms? Sure, they’re a bit more tamer but they can be crowded places and again, draw a very mixed crowd including the so-called buff bunnies and muscle sharks that can make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

And, whilst the founders of TFF Fitness, Athena and Fahad have trained at a wide variety of gyms from commercial gyms, hardcore bodybuilding gyms to fight gyms where there are literally blood stains on the walls or canvas, they realised that the reality was, there were people out there that didn’t appreciate or like that type of environment.

We decided to create an environment where you feel both welcome and empowered. A safe haven where you don’t feel judged or intimidated. Rather, you feel supported and encouraged to do the very best you can at each and every workout.

There are no skull and crossbones or swear words on our walls - You’ll be greeted with a warm smile and encouraged at every stage of your time with us - That doesn’t mean that we’re soft touches however. Nope, there won’t be pizza after sessions on a Tuesday and the occasional grunt whilst doing deadlifts is most certainly acceptable but one thing we want is for our members to feel included, welcome, safe and positive.

So, if the thought of going to the gym fills you with dread or the idea of being surrounded by a swarm of people who are in great shape makes you feel nervous, why not visit TFF Fitness and see why we’re different?

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