Should I Get A Personal Trainer In Leicester

Should I Get A Personal Trainer

Jan 20, 2022

Getting in shape can seem like one of the biggest uphill struggles a person can face.

And, when you're standing there, looking at your reflection in the mirror but can't recognise the person staring back at you, it's easy to ask yourself, "Should I get a personal trainer"

There are pros and cons to hiring a personal trainer.

I guess the major con to hiring a personal trainer is the investment. It can seem like a big financial commitment but, is it worth it?

Before we answer that question, let's explore the other cons...

Assuming you're struggling to achieve your goals on your own, the only other perceivable con of hiring a personal trainer is how unregulated this industry is and the chances of you hiring someone who isn't a good fit for you - Not really a negative in terms of hiring a personal trainer per say but it is something to think about (In fact, I'll write up a blog post soon on how to pick a personal trainer that's the best fit for you!)

So, back to the first con - Is hiring a personal trainer worth the investment. 

I guess the first thing to understand is it is an investment and, like any investment, be it stocks or shares, cryptocurrency, running your own business or a university degree, nothing is guaranteed to reap dividends.

That being said, if you do have a good personal trainer or fitness coach by your side, providing you do as they suggest, the chances of success are very high.

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself, what is it costing you to NOT achieve your goals?

How are you showing up on a day to day basis?
Does your lack of fitness affect your confidence? your focus? your self worth or energy?

If it does, ask yourself, how would your life be different if you had more energy, confidence, focus, and self esteem?

But let's talk about something more valuable than money...

There are two resources you have in your life that are far more valuable than money and these two resources are your time and your energy.

Your time is one of the most valuable assets you have, far more valuable than money. Don't waste it by going through the veritable minefield of information you need to achieve your goals.

We’ve all heard of opportunity costs. It’s the money you could be saving or even making by getting an expert to do the job for you.

If you can make £100 an hour, why waste time cleaning your own home when you can get a professional to do it for £15-20 an hour?

Smart professionals and entrepreneurs know that if they can delegate the stuff they don’t need to do, they can free up more time to do what’s important for them.

For that reason, working with a TFF personal trainer will save you time and the opportunity cost of having to sift through hours and hours of content on the internet when it comes to

  • The correct way to train for your goals and for your body type
  • The best nutrition protocol that will help you get results without making you feel hungry all the time
  • The best ways to optimize your health and lifestyle to get the best out of your body


Let’s face it, we’ve all heard different opinions about what the best way to eat or train are. Many of this advice comes from friends and family members who mean well but aren’t experts. The sad fact is, most so-called experts are none the wiser themselves.

So, why risk making mistakes? Why waste time doing trial and error experiments on your body?

But, that’s not the main reason to work with a TFF Personal Trainer.

Look, we could tell you all about the awards we’ve won, the people’s lives we’ve changed and the results we’ve gotten. The mentors we’ve worked under and the courses we’ve completed to bring you the most comprehensive service possible

But, let’s be honest - You want to feel better about yourself.

We know how you feel. You’re frustrated because you’ve let yourself go.
You can probably relate to the following scenario..

You wake up and don’t really feel refreshed, you frantically get ready for the busy day ahead and shove something to fuel you down your throat, chased down by a coffee just to get you going.

You barely fit into the clothes you love anymore and have to buy and wear baggier clothing to hide your problem areas.

You’re busy at work but somehow, just can’t seem to concentrate as well as you used to and you continue to mindlessly eat quick energy foods such as chocolate bars, sugar laden coffees and a sandwich to see you through the day.

By the time you get home, you’re exhausted, barely enough energy to invest in the children and your spouse. After you eat dinner and veg out to a netflix show or 3, you go to bed with the thought in your head that there must be more to your life than this…

And there is!

I don’t need to tell you to imagine what life would be like if you had more vitality and more energy, you already have done this exercise…

You’ll know how much more you’ll get done in your day and how much more productive you’ll feel with clarity and energy from having a healthy body and healthy mind

You’ll know that you’ll feel more confident about yourself around others when you feel better about your outward appearance and can start wearing the clothes you love but can no longer squeeze into

You’ll know how it feels inside knowing you’re healthier and stronger

And your family will know that you’ve changed for the better because you have more energy and focus for them too!

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