Rishii's Story

Jun 07, 2022

Name: Rishii Chowdhury
Age: 37
Occupation: Solicitor

Rishii was introduced to TFF by another member and it was apparent from the moment he stepped through the door that Rishii had an absolutely amazing energy about him coupled with an infectious personality.

As a busy working professional, Rishii didn't have time to figure out the best way to train or to eat. He didn't want to waste time trying to guess his way into getting results and never saw much difference when working out at a gym.

Thanks to his friend who got great results working with TFF, Rishii made the decision to start training with Coach Fahad and Coach Athena at TFF.

Not only has Rishii been an absolute pleasure to train, he has brought an abundance of positive energy with him to the gym and has made some friends for life with the other members too!

Since starting, he has definitely seen a reduction in body fat, increase in strength and positive changes in his overall body composition.

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