Michelle's Story

May 31, 2022

By Coach Athena

It's fair to say that Michelle belongs to the silent majority of people who actually feel very intimidated by the prospect of going to the gym, so for her to make a commitment to her goals meant really stretching out of her comfort zone.

Luckily for her, she already knew the TFF coaches as both our daughter and hers dance at the same school together.

However, she was even more fortunate as one of our guiding principles at TFF fitness is to create a welcome and inclusive atmosphere whilst keeping intimidation to an absolute zero,

So, why did Michelle choose to join TFF?

Let's hear her story in her own words, shall we?


"I started TFF because I know Athena and Fahad from our daughters dancing and after someone came up to me and said congratulation to me as they thought I was pregnant and I was not. That hit home very hard and made me think I need to tone up, loss weight and find me again.

My first impression was I can’t lift these weights but I’m going to give it a good try. Now I’m very much like let’s take it up a level as now I believe in myself so much more thanks to Athena and Fahad and our amazing TFF family.

My first bright spot was my first session as I can feel my muscles again lol.

I'm still working on I want to get my body more toned for my holiday to actually feel comfortable wearing a bikini and honest to feel better about myself mentally as well as physically. Plus I am now not suffering from indigestion all the time anymore 🥰

I would tell them they are amazing and I’m sooo grateful to every single person there. They are not just my trainers or other people at the gym they are all friends for life and feel like a lovely family being part of from day one at the gym.

Everyone encourages each other and I will admit I always laughing and enjoying every single workout with everyone. I actually never thought I would say this but I love going to the gym working out with everyone there, best thing I have done for myself was joining the amazing TFF family 😊 thank you to everyone"


We really appreciate Michelle and the big smile she brings in to every session and as coaches, her progression. not only with her fitness but with who she is developing as a confident, powerful woman, makes me so proud as a coach!

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