Jemima's Story

Jun 18, 2022

Name: Jemima Freer
Age: 36
Occupation: Nurse


Jemima came to TFF a little over a year ago on a referral from a friend. In a very short space of time, she established herself as a team player and someone who was committed to her goals.

She's earned the nickname Tigger at the gym because she's always bouncing around, refusing to stand still and always looking for the next challenge!


Here's what Jemima had to say about her time at TFF Fitness


"TFF was recommended by a friend who was a TFF member. Like most people I had put on weight during lockdown and knew that I needed to shift a few pounds and improve my fitness. With a full time job and other commitments I wanted somewhere local with minimal travelling time.

I attended a ‘taster’ session and knew immediately that I wanted to join. I loved the variety of sessions and the support from Coaches Athena & Fahad in helping me to set realistic goals.

I have been with TFF now for over 12 months and I love it just as much now (if not more) than when I first started. The gym is like no other I have been to. The coaches are accessible and have taken the time to get to know me and how to push me to meet my full potential. Everyone is supportive; with members encouraging each other to progress and celebrating each other’s successes. Exercising no longer feels like a chore, it is something that I now enjoy and it’s all thanks to coaches Athena & Fahad and the rest of the TFF family

My first Bright Spot was definitely Winning my first Saturday MyZone Championship Belt!!! It gave me the confidence and motivation to push myself harder which has ultimately improved my fitness.

I am continuing to try and drop my body fat % and increase my muscle mass. Increasing my fitness levels has allowed me to restart running which is something I previously loved and I’m now training to complete a half marathon in the coming months."

 Jemima is a source of inspiration to all newcomers to the gym. When they see her commitment, attitude and effort she puts into every moment of her training, they know they can achieve it too!


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