How to stick to a diet

Dec 01, 2021
I’m going to reveal the hack that’s going to tell you how to finally stick to your diet
But first, a question, why is sticking to a diet so hard in the first place?
It’s my observation that most people fail on their fitness goals because they fail to stick to a diet of some kind. 
Yet, going to the gym and having an awesome workout seems to be the easy part, especially when you’re training under the watchful eye of a coach.
Yet, shouldn’t grinding out gym session after gym session be the hard part?
In order to answer the question I posed earlier, we need to understand why working out is actually easier.
Enter our good friend Toothpaste.. It’s going to give you a massive clue!
So, by show of hands, who here brushes their teeth? 
Twice a day? (few hands go down now…)
And floss too? (Okay, that’s a lot of hands that just went down!)
We all know that brushing twice a day and flossing is imperative for good oral hygiene yet why is it that brushing is easier than flossing?
It’s all got to do with immediate gratification.
We don’t get any immediate gratification from brushing or flossing. In fact, it’s years of consistent dental hygiene practice that keeps your teeth nice and healthy (kind of like health)
Now, the manufacturers of toothpaste wanted to sell more toothpaste so they realised they needed to add instant gratification to the toothpaste and wham, they added mint flavour to them!
What happened? More people used toothpaste because they now not only had a tangible way of feeling as though they’ve made an effort to clean their teeth but they also got a massive immediate pay off of minty fresh breath!
The pay off for flossing? Bleeding gums… yuck!
It’s the same with the gym. Have a great workout and you get the immediate pay off of a rush of endorphins and a dopamine spike which gives you a sense of accomplishment and awesomeness that can feel euphoric!
What’s the pay off for replacing your mid afternoon slice of cake with your triple shot vanilla latte with extra whipping cream with a salad?
You get my drift!
So, why are diets so hard to follow?
Well, they lack an immediate pay off for one but the way we eat and the foods we like as well as the quantities of foods we eat are ingrained as habits within us and anyone that’s tried to break a bad habit will tell you how hard that can be, just ask anyone that’s trying to give up smoking.
So, how do we do it?
Firstly, if nature’s not going to give you an immediate pay off, give yourself one! Every time you eat something healthy or have a healthy meal give yourself a reward (just not more food!), Give yourself a high five, put on your favourite song and do a dance, go buy a Lamborghini… okay, the last one might not be feasible more than once!
Once you start getting a sense of achievement from eating clean, you’ll get addicted to it.
This is another reason we’re going crazy about celebrating little wins at TFF, its celebrating the small stuff that’s going to lead to those long term big wins!
Now, as a bonus hack, try this. Eat nothing but clean foods for two weeks (If you want a copy of our 14 day fat loss diet guide, give me a shout!). Make sure you reward yourself every day you follow it then after 2 weeks, you’ll feel different, your body will start to crave good food and when you do eat junk again, you’ll more than likely feel like crap! The opposite of the pay off!
There are also other strategies that make it easier for you to but I can’t give away all of our techniques ;)
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