How To Stay On Track With Nutrition Even If You Keep Falling Off

Nov 26, 2021

One of the hardest challenges most people face when trying to transform their health and fitness is staying true to their nutrition goals.

How many times have you started a nutrition plan only for it to go to pot when you've got an event to go to, holiday planned or just end up finding that unopened tub of Ben and Jerry's in the back of your freezer that you forgot about?

It's easy to fall down, beat yourself up and then give up because it's just so difficult, right? 

Trust me, I know what that feels like myself

But, I believe I have figured out the solution to this problem.

Actually, this solution was shared with me by business coach, Andrew Priestly, when I was a part of his coaching program back in 2017.

It was all about celebrating the little wins.

I know we all thing that massive changes happen as a result of massive actions we take and, as a result, we pursue those big, scary massive goals...

Losing the belly fat must be down to doing a 200kg deadlift whilst getting to the point where you're prepping macro precise meals for the whole week on a Sunday afternoon.

And then, when Sunday afternoons come, we're all busy with our family, tired from the weekend without the energy to even think about, let alone lift the deadlift bar!

So, we end up feeling like we've failed, we haven't done enough and subsequently, programmed ourselves for failure.

We'll go to the gym on Monday to pick up where we left off but deep in our mind is that subconscious thought of, "I'm a failure, I can't do anything right and i'm never going to achieve my goals" 

In the video above, I outline the importance of celebrating the little wins and focussing on the things you currently are doing that is going right for you no matter how small!

Leave a comment below to let me know what you're celebrating, and hey, it doesn't have to be big and audacious, it can be as small and as humble as simply taking time out to read this blog post because that in itself shows me that you're someone who's trying to get a step ahead!

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