Glen's Story

May 17, 2022

Glen’s Story


Client Name: Glen Mascherenas
Age: 47
Occupation:  Team Leader at Samworth Brothers

Glen, 12 weeks into his journey and down 7% Body Fat!

Meet Glen,

Glen came to TTF at the new year with a mission. After receiving news from his doctor after a medical that his cholesterol was too high, he decided he needed to gain some help.

From a training perspective, Our biggest priority with Glen was to help him develop a good foundation with movement as he started with poor coordination and posture. Smashing  Glen with High intensity exercises and compound movements such as squats and deadlifts wasn’t going to be good so we started with gradual progression to help him maintain form whilst being able to do the bigger lifts. 

 Glen also works night shifts so managing his sleep was a priority for us.


Glen had never set foot in a gym before but decided, TFF was the right place for him. In his own words:

“I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and blood pressure for which I was advised by a GP to start working out or I will have to go on medication.


I decided to give TFF a call and  my first impression was to lose weight and live life without medication, this would be the place for me.


 Joining TFF  was great because the group have supported me, understood my condition and I have achieved my goal of getting healthier.

I would definitely say they are professional and know what they are doing.


3My first 'bright spot' was when I had my first review, in four weeks I lost 3% body fat and lost 5kg weight which inspired me to carry on with TFF.


I am working on now to bring my weight to 65kg and gain muscles. And definitely carry on until I can  bring up my six pack abs.


If I could go back in time I wouldn’t really be overweight  with high cholesterol and under medication, I would tell TFF to help me lose weight, so I can maintain my good health in future.”

We have no doubt that Glen will achieve all his goals as he has shown both commitment to training and to his diet and lifestyle.

He never fails to attend weekly check ins to maintain accountability on his diet nor his training and has always got a big smile on his face!

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