Noor's Story

Jul 16, 2022

Name: Noormahomed Fingar
Occupation: Assistant Cook for Leicester City Catering

Noor, who is affectionately known as Finger at TFF has been a part of the family since just before Christmas 2021.

He's another example of a client who has an indomitable spirit and a can do attitude and doesn't shy at a challenge!

Always ready to push himself to the next level and listen to his coach when it comes to training, nutrition and lifestyle, he's been rewarded with consistent results and continued improvement.

But the best part is that his spirit and his energy are an inspiration to the other members. Not only the members in his own group but to everyone that's had the opportunity of meeting him and training with him.

He's even brought his kids along to a few sessions where he had the opportunity of coaching them too!


Finger's Story in his own words...

"I was looking to improve my fitness and health.
I was very impressed with TFF the commitment and dedication of the team. They were also very helpful.

I'm currently working on improving my diet and shredding. Hopefully I will get there.
I wish i would have joined sooner but i am glad i finally did."

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