Bhavini's Story

Jun 18, 2022

Name: Bhavini Patel
Age: 42
Occupation: Teacher

I'm sure Bhav won't mind me sharing this but I'll never forget the first time we met. She was shy and quiet and during the consultation, she relied on her husband to do most of the talking.

After I wanted to hear what she wanted for herself, it was clear to us that Bhav had tried to get fit many times in the past but never saw success.

This definitely dealt a blow to her confidence and self belief but to her credit, she decided to give TFF Fitness a chance.

And, we're glad she did! Not only are the results amazing so far, but to see Bhav blossom into the confident, glowing woman she really is is a joy to witness!

Her Story in her own words are as follows:

"My confidence levels especially since Covid had dropped and I felt like I was not achieving any goals when I was doing any shape or form of different exercises. I would question myself about having tried so many FAD diets and fitness programmes, my weight situation was not improving and I was not sure how to deal with this especially with a medical condition. I was also fearful of change and feeling anxiety and about how it would impact my daily life especially with work and home balance lifestyle. 
My first impression of TFF was that how can this be possible to achieve and what would I need to change?
Just like curiosity kills the cat or like waving a magic wand and how you will achieve your goal? 
How has that changed?
I can truly see with a positive mindset and mental attitude with nutrition and exercise goals in place it is possible to lose weight and not get frustrated because you can’t achieve it in a short space of time or your not getting the results needed. 
I am also lucky to have full support and encouragement from my family especially my husband who is always motivating me and supporting me on my life journey. 
My First Bright Spot was to complete the on-ramps and my first myzone session! I couldn’t believe it was so tough and mentally hard work as well as physically as the after pain was so insane ! 
My other bright spot was to have started to lose some weight and I could tell that the magic wand was waving something special towards me - Coach Athena motivating me “Come on Bhavee! You can do this! Don’t give up!”
I am working on my nutrition and fitness goals to get more healthier and physically stronger on the fitness journey I have started with TFF ! I am getting mentally stronger and I am trying to challenge myself to try new exercises and workouts which will make me work harder to achieve my goals. I am also learning to get over the fears of heights and aiming to take risks without hesitating! 
If I could go back in time, what would I tell the Myself? 
I wish I had met Coach Fahad and Coach Athena before as now I believe it is possible to achieve your goals with such amazing mentors and also working out with other members creates an amazing buzz on in the atmosphere as we all motivate and keep on inspiring each other no matter whatever the results show us especially to complete the challenge set in the sessions!"

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