Becoming Unstoppable in 2022

Jan 05, 2022

Becoming Unstoppable in 2022...
By Coach Fahad Maniar


What does the word unstoppable mean to you?


How would your life be different if you were unstoppable?


What would your bank balance look like if you were unstoppable

How would your body look if you were unstoppable

How would you feel if you were unstoppable?

Your relationships? Your business? All on steroids, right?


On my unrelenting quest to become the best version of myself, I experienced both highs and lows in 2021... the lows taught me a lot more than the highs.


On reflecting on what I learned, the words, "Become Unstoppable" popped in my head and I thought, "Man, who wouldn't want to become unstoppable"


So, I thought I would share a few of my findings with you and give you some pointers that will help you get closer to becoming unstoppable and grabbing life by the throat and living with your own rules and no one else's in 2022!


  1. Decide to become Unstoppable


Firstly, You've got to, as Tony Robbins says, make a decision. A decision isn't a choice you fleetingly make, it's a commitment to do whatever it takes.


The very word decision comes from the latin to cut away from. In other words, you cut away from anything that doesn't bring you closer to your goals. The phrase, "Burn the boats" is very applicable here.

The story is about a conquest by an army who sailed their boats to a foreign land. The captain of the army ordered his men to burn their boats.

Confused, the men followed the order of their captain when it dawned on them, the method contained within their captain’s madness. To burn the boats meant that they had to win the fight or die… there was no escape plan anymore, there was no plan b, there was no option to quit.

What if you chose a goal and gave yourself that ultimatum? It’s a choice I made in 2021 when I decided that what I wanted from my business needed a fight that I wasn’t ready mentally so I hired a coach to help me. It wasn’t an investment we took lightly, the most we’ve invested in coaching but, it was do or die… we decided that we were going to become unstoppable.

What do you want? (probably the most powerful question you can really sit down and ponder on in your life)... Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it? Are you willing to become unstoppable?

It’s your decision, it’s easy to say yes.. But do a gut check first, are you REALLY ready to do whatever it takes? If you are then you’re ready for the following points…

2. Cool Story Bro…

There’s a saying, The only thing standing between you and the things you want are the BS stories you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it. I’m not sure who said that but it’s been widely attributed to the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

Here’s the thing for me, in 2021, I realised the things holding me back are the stories I keep telling myself affirming the belief that I wasn’t deserving of what I wanted

“I am not qualified enough”
“I need more followers on social media”
“I’m just not cut out to be financially successful”
Of the worst one,
“I’m not good enough”

I decided to go about finding out how to change my stories. I started studying Dr Bruce Lipton but what really got me was Paul Mort’s book, Paul Mort will save your life.

Now, I kept seeing Paul Mort’s book on my recommended list on Audible. For some reason, Paul Mort rubs me the wrong way, maybe it’s because he swears a lot or maybe, and more likely, His success rubs in my face what I want but am too afraid to get and reveals my own insecurities.

And so, I decided I would challenge myself and listen to his book…

Oh My God, I thought to myself when he said, “Cool story bro” and revealed how our stories hold us back. I didn’t even pick his book up to learn about stories but that’s what he was talking about!.. Like the Universe literally  had my back at that moment!

His simple method, which I will share here and which I have been applying to myself when I dip into moments of repeating the old BS story is to change the focus from where I am and where I was to where I want to be. At that point, I ask myself, what’s the future of Fahad's story? What’s his story about these challenges?

Then I think, those are my new stories, focus on them and get shit done!
As Tony Robbins says, “Change your story, change your life”

3. You Inc

Let’s get one thing clear, You can’t become unstoppable if you feel like crap.

You wouldn’t expect your business to become a global force if it hemorrhaged money, was run poorly, unorganised and bloated so how do you expect to be a force of nature if you are in bad shape?

Your ability to be unstoppable relies on you showing up at your peak.

Your mind and body must be fine tuned. That means working out regularly, getting fresh air, keeping your mind healthy and happy, absorbing positive media, focussing the mind on quietness, eating foods that nourish you, getting good quality sleep…

All of these things will continue to do one thing and that is improve your feeling of self worth.

In his book, “I’m worth More” - Entrepreneur Rob Moore talks about how your self worth expedites into everything around you. If you want more out of life, you have to feel worthy of having more in your life.

This book taught me a lot and I dive into it regularly as my self worth and self esteem has had to have a lot of work done to it to continuously build it up.

If you want to increase your net worth, become unstoppable, and start achieving what you decided you wanted in step 1, you’ll need to work hard on yourself. You’ll need to develop thicker skin, you’ll need to learn how to get up after you fall down and investing in yourself is the master key to achieving this.

4. Find Your Tribe

Look, It’s okay to get help, in fact, if you want to become unstoppable, you’re not going to get this by yourself.

You’ll need to surround yourself with like minded people who are equally on the journey or who are ahead of you.

And for some of you, this may be a bitter pill to swallow but it’s not only okay to get help, it might be down right necessary.

This means, in any area you’re struggling, you must hire a coach who can help you. There is no point wasting time and energy into trying to figure your struggles out by yourself. Trust me, I have done that and it only leads to frustration, heart ache and an empty bank account (Yup, the idea that you’ll save money by doing it  yourself is a folly concept)

Find a mentor, hire a coach, involve yourself in a mastermind group. For me, the biggest shifts come when I work with someone who knows what they’re doing and have a track record of helping others.

Remember, you’ll be the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with so pick your tribe carefully.

Hang out with 5 other unstoppable people who are focussed on where they are going and doing whatever it takes and you’ll be the 6th.  Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself, would you rather have your kids hanging out  with other kids who are focussed on their studies, have good attitudes and a cheery disposition or do would you rather them hang out with truents and delinquents?

You get my drift.

I’ll end this post with one question, have you made a decision yet? If so, I wish you every success you’re willing to work for!

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