6 Killer Reasons that are stopping you from getting results

Sep 16, 2022

6 Killer Reasons that are stopping you from getting results


"If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it"

Ever heard that saying? It rings true because success, as simple as it may be, is rarely easy. But, it's a lot easier if you stop making these fundamental mistakes!


1. You're not getting results because you've not even started!

Sounds obvious but if I got a pound for every time someone told me how badly they wanted results but would have to think it over, wait till the time is right or make sure their Auntie Doris's cat gives them their blessings and then never even start, I'd be a rich man. It goes without saying but no amount of wanting or wishing will get you closer to your goals if you fail to start and take action. If you've not started yet - START! I promise you. Whatever it is you're afraid of or worried about won't be an issue. It's just fear in your head.


2. You've got the wrong game plan

I admire people that tell me they've started trying to get fitter. They've started walking more, started jogging or joined their local gym and use the CV machines for a good 20 minutes straight. Yet, they're still frustrated by a lack of results - Why? Maybe you've got the wrong game plan? One of the reasons at TFF we don't give you quotes or plans over the phone is because everyone is different and we want to give you the best plan. That's why we have our No Sweat Intro sessions to figure out what's the best path for the individual.


3. You're not being consistent.

You could have the best plan in the world but without consistency, you won't see results. Conversely, you could have a mediocre plan but still get better results than the person with the best plan because you've stayed in the game whilst the other person has fallen short. Brushing your teeth for 3 hours once for instance will have very little effect compared to brushing your teeth for 2 minutes for 90 days straight - Have patience, trust the process and stay in the game!


4. You're too focussed on the wrong thing.

The industry has lied to you - They've led you to believe that the most important part of getting fitter and healthier is going to the gym and training. Don't get me wrong, training is important but it's not as important as most people make out. In fact, nutrition isn't even the most important thing either! At TFF, we look at 6 areas that facilitate transformation, if you get them in the right order, results are pretty much guaranteed!


5. You  have no one to hold you accountable.

It's easy to to not do the extra reps when no one's watching or to say, "I'm tired today, i'll skip the gym" or to say "Screw it, i've eaten clean all day, I'll just have that pudding!" 

Having someone to hold you accountable to task is the absolute master key to everything else in this guide. Struggling to get started? find someone to share your goals with and motivate you to get started! Need the right plan? Find an expert that can give you a customised plan. Need consistency and focus? Again, the right person can help you stay both consistent and focussed - This person is a coach and having one to be held accountable by will skyrocket your success.

6. You're not keeping score.

This one follows on from accountability but if you're not measuring changes then you'll struggle not only to see change but to course correct when things don't go right. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition. Okay, in an ideal world, you'd track every calorie and macro and record it but if that sounds like a daunting prospect then break it down to something easier to manage. At TFF, we meet you where you're at and create simple ways to track your progress, food and other important measurements to make sure you're getting the results you seek!

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