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What Will You Achieve in 6 Weeks?

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An open letter to those who have struggled to get fit or let down by gyms and other personal trainers:

It can all be tiring and frustrating.

The constant struggle to fit into those jeans that you used to be able to fit into only 5 years ago coupled with that heart wrenching feelings that your new pair are already feeling a bit tight.

You know you need to start doing something but even that fills you with dread because you've tried so hard in the past.

Stepping foot into an intimidating gym and doing your best whilst living on fad diets such as zero carb diets or tasteless low calorie diets which saw you lose a bit of weight but also lose a lot of enjoyment from life!

We want to know that we know how you feel.

And, if you think it's all about getting completely destroyed in the gym by a trainer whilst being forced to eat a diet of broccoli and chicken all day long with the occassional treat of bird seed, you'll be happy to know we're different!

How To Get Long Term Results Once And For All!

Let's be honest, there are many ways to get the results you want.

- You could hop onto one of the many online training classes going on right now
- Re join the gym (when they're allowed to open)
- Try one of the many weird and wonderful fad diets (there's one right now called the carnivore diet!)
- Get a Joe Wickes book and do his online PE sessions

And look, I am not saying that there's anything wrong with any of the above. For some people they work but what we found is that most people don't.

I mean, when was the last time you joined a gym, got there and had no clue what to do next?

The thing is, in order to get results, you've got to do what works for you and that's why we get results!

We take our clients goals very seriously and we will help you get very clear on what you want and then we can plan out your journey.

We'll then use cutting edge technology and science to ensure we know exactly where you are now in order to create the most bespoke plan for you to take you to where you want to get to!

After all, you could drive to London tomorrow and guess where you're going, follow road signs or have a GPS telling you exactly where to go and where the current trouble spots are? Which would be the best? You got it, the GPS and that's what we're like!

We'll not only tell you the best way to get to where you want to go but we will help you avoid all he common (And uncommon) pitfalls along the way!

And it all starts with a quick call to get you crystal clear on your goals and for us to establish whether we're a good fit. If you want to book that call, click the button below now!

What Is The 6 Week Transformation Program

When you work with TFF, you'll be rest assured that your results in the fastest and safest way are our priority.

Once we've had our call to establish your goals and to see if we're a good fit to work together, you'll then be enrolled onto our  training program.

This begins with a full assessment including an InBody body composition test where we can tell you how much body fat, muscle and water you have in your system and then tailor your training and diet accordingly.

You'll then get

✅ 6 Weeks of Coaching in our private gym that is tailored for you
✅ Work together to achieve your goals
✅ Nutrition Coaching and Lifestyle Coaching
✅ Weekly Check ins to make sure you stay on track
✅ Access to our support group and access to our educational portal on Facebook

✅ 24/7 Support Via WhatsApp

✅ Complimentary MyZone MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor (Worth £130)

✅ Complete Assessment at 6 weeks to show you the results you've achieved

If you'd like to secure your spot and have your FREE discovery session, where we will get you clarity on your goals and see if we're a good fit,  click below..

Don't Take Our Word For It, See What Our Clients Say!

"I Started training with Fahad after seeing an ad on facebook. 

I've always been into the gym but never really saw results until I started training with TFF. Fahad's deep scientific knowledge about training and nutrition made a massive difference in my results!"

- Bal Singh

"Athena is the best of the best! I wouldn't train anywhere else. Not only does she whip you into shape physically, she also makes you believe in yourself like never before! She's not a PT, she's a coach in every sense of the word and a true friend!"

- Holly M

"I have now been working with Fahad and Athena from Team Fighting For for two years. I started my weight loss journey at 156kgs over the two years I am now down to 104kgs that is a massive 52kg weight loss over 2 years. I know I could not have done this without Fahad's advice he was instrumental on keeping my nutrition in check and Athena has been helping me sculpt my body to give me a great body shape. I am still on my weight loss journey - I know I couldn’t have done it without TFF - forever grateful to Fahad and Athena for giving me my health back"

- Abdul Tadha

"Only 1 week into my 12 week programme and I'm feeling insanely good. Athena assessed me properly first to see my strengths and weaknesses and today was I was lifting more weight than I thought I'd be able to. She encourages and guides me with positivity and enthusiasm. I can't recommend Athena or the studio enough. ❤️"

- Sam Sparky

Let's Make You Our Next Happy Client!

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