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Why You’re Not Losing Weight In A Calorie Deficit

Not losing weight but in a calorie deficit?

Could it be starvation mode or something else?
Find out the 5 reasons you’re not losing weight in a calorie deficit in my latest youtube video

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight On A Calorie Deficit. Ever asked “Why am I Not losing weight on a calorie deficit”? You’re about to learn the reasons and the science behind that!

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Not Losing Weight On A Calorie Deficit can be very annoying and there are reasons that you’re struggling to lose weight but is it because you’re in starvation mode or is starvation mode just a myth?

In this video, I suggest 5 reasons why you’re not loosing weight on a calorie deficit. Chances are, you need to know how to create a calorie deficit for weight loss and fat loss. I will pop another video in future on how to create calorie deficit for weight loss.

If you’ve ever asked why am I not losing weight even with diet and exercise then this video is for you! close I know the feeling of not losing weight no matter what I do but the truth was, I just had to keep going and keep staying in a calorie deficit.

So if the weight loss has stopped or if you have plataeud, you’ll want to kick start the fat loss and weight loss and this video will give you an indication as to what’s going wrong for you.

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