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“I Don’t Want To Get Too Big” – Why Strength Training Won’t Make You Gain Mass

It’s a common thing for me to hear people telling me that they want to avoid weight training and say, “I Don’t want to get too big”

In fact, when we discuss fitness and weight loss with prospective clients, some are not happy that we focus on strength training and not on cardiovascular training for weight loss.

But the truth is, whilst cardio is great for fat loss, too much cardio can compromise lean muscle tissue and ultimately be detrimental for your health and fitness goals.

In today’s post, I wanted to discuss why strength training won’t make you big and bulky.

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The first thing you need to understand when it comes to gaining mass and fat loss is that the relationship between the two is not an inverse one.

In other words, whilst eating less calories results in fat loss and in order to gain muscle tissue, you need to be in a calorie surplus whilst training, that’s where the relationship ends.

The mechanics of fat loss and muscle gain are not the same.

Muscle tissue gain or muscular hypertrophy as it is scientifically known requires a few things to be present.

You fist need to stress the muscle tissue through the right type of training

You then need adequate recover and nutrition. This is known as the general adaptation syndrome.

It’s also important to note that there are other factors that play a huge role in how much muscle tissue you can gain including, your training intensity and volume, your training age, your actual age, your genetics, your hormones and your gender.

Also, it’s worth considering that a lot of the big guys and girls you see in the gym or in magazines who have bulky muscles take supplements and some may even be taking performance enhancing drugs.

If you’re a woman reading this and you’re under the impression that weight training leads women to look manly, the truth is, women do not have enough testosterone for that to be the case so you can weight train and expect to gain a more toned physique.

So why do we focus on weight training to help people lose weight and fat?

Well first of all, weight training is a safe and non impactful way to burn calories.

It also aids in the preservation of muscle tissue when you’re dieting and in calorie deficit.

Muscle tissue is important to overall health and your metabolism especially if you’re female or over the age of 35.

Further more, the correct type of training will add muscle “tone” and improve your posture.

Cardio alone can not do that. Weight training has also been shown to help make ones cells insulin sensitive which is good news for diabetics or people trying to stay clear of the disease and it also makes the environment of the body more conducive to fat loss.

So all in all, for fat loss, fitness, health and physique. Strength training is a vital ingredient!

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