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how to get motivation to go to the gym

Today we’re going to discuss how to get the motivation to go to the gym and workout.

I wanted to address one of the biggest complaints I hear from people when they tell me they struggle to work out and that’s a lack of motivation when it comes to working out, getting fit and going to the gym

If you would rather not read the entire article, the points are made in the video below

If you want to get motivation to go to the gym then watch this video

There are many different methods, articles and advice pertaining to how to improve your levels of motivation for any given task.

You could fire up your favourite Rocky movie, listen to some hyped up soundtrack on youtube with B-Roll video of people “Smashing it” at the gym or listen to a Tony Robbins podcast.

But the truth is, a lot of this type of advice is transient, it doesn’t last.

So what can you do to get the kind of motivation that lasts?

Well, as Gary Vaynerchuck, Entrepreneur and Social Media Guru once said in a short video where he gave 3 words of advice to instantly motivate someone, You’re gonna die.

But the thing that I believe is, before you die, you’ve got a whole life to live.

And chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re someone that’s serious about wanting to live your best life!

Now, you get to choose the quality of the life you want to live so why not choose the best you can possibly have?

Here are some tips that will help you get motivation to go to the gym.

– Have a visual goal of what it is you would like your physique to look like.
Set a SMART Goal
– Go to the gym with a friend who has a similar goal. This can act as an accountability partner.
– Hire a personal trainer, get some skin in the game by putting some money into your goal.
– Make a list of WHY it’s important for you to get fitter.

I hope these tips help you get get the motivation you need to get you in shape!

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Hi, I am Fahad and I am passionate about fitness, combat sports and personal development. I have combined those three things with my mission of helping people live kick ass lives and created Team Fighting Fit. A training program and community to help you achieve your goals in half the time!