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Why you’re not seeing results in the gym
By Coach Fahad Maniar

We all know that one guy that goes to the gym religiously, 6, maybe 7 times a week. They’re there with their big beats headphones on and gymshark training gear on.

They tend to spend up to 2 hours per session and despite having trained for a year solid, you’ve noticed something about them that deep down, they know and are really frustrated about.

Yup, despite training hard for a year and investing a lot of time on the gym floor and money on the latest supplements (and sexy gym gear), they’ve not really changed much in terms of appearance.

Maybe, you can relate to this too?

One of the most common things I hear from prospective clients that come into the TFF headquarters who have tried to get results alone in the gym is that they just can’t seem to get the results they want. They’re usually training at bigger commercial gyms around Leicester and struggling with the fat loss.

On further analysis, I can with conviction, say these are the main reasons:

No structure in training program: When you’re training alone in a gym, are you using a training plan that has been designed for you? Most people I speak to say they go in and just find what’s free or spend most of their time on a tread mill. If running is what you like doing, great but you’re not going to create an epic body transformation in the cardio section of the gym. What you need is to understand your body, what you need to work on and then create a plan that is individualised and periodised for you. Sounds fancy but all this means is that you need to work according to the right plan for you and be consistent with it.

Which leads me onto the second point, consistency. Most people just aren’t consistent. They’ll train for a few weeks then have gaps and then go back. This is especially the case when it comes to diet.

And, Diet is one of the major reasons people fail to see results despite training regularly. In fact, one common thing I hear is, “I’m eating healthy now too” but when I analyse what the prospective client is eating, they’re still not eating in line for their goals. Sure, they’re eating better but in order to lose fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit and in order to lose fat, feel great and preserve muscle mass, you need to find your calorie deficit ceiling and aim for that.

Training intensity is another reason why people don’t see much change when training in the gym. As hard as we think we’re training, when we do it alone, getting that extra 10% out of your reserve is hard to do. Having a coach or someone who is serious about helping  you is one excellent way of getting the intensity out of a workout to facilitate the changes you wish to see.

Over training. Yes, this is such a thing. Some times you have to curb back your enthusiasm and incorporate the right amount of rest to your training. In doing so, you’ll allow your body to recover and grow. If you train all the time, not only are you giving your body no chance to recover, you’re also increasing stress and reducing hormonal output. You’ll notice a lack in libido often and you can be miserable when you don’t train which is a surefire sign that you’re addicted to the dopamine hit training gives you – not a bad thing but if you’re depressed on your rest days, it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.

Finally, lifestyle. When it comes to the crunch, you can train all you want, even eat clean but if you’re out partying all weekend and drinking copious amounts of alcohol or eating junk when out and getting little sleep, then you’re screwing with your results.

Ultimately, your time is a valuable and precious resource, don’t waste it by not doing things the right way and getting results in the shortest time possible! If you’d like to discuss your goals and a plan of action, Feel free to get in touch!

About the Author

Hi, I am Fahad and I am passionate about fitness, combat sports and personal development. I have combined those three things with my mission of helping people live kick ass lives and created Team Fighting Fit. A training program and community to help you achieve your goals in half the time!