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Fitness for busy people
By Fahad Maniar

Last time I checked, I had 24 hours in a day. In fact, I wager my house and my gym that you do too. Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Arianna Huffington, Michelle Obama, they all have 24 hours in a day too. They are incredibly busy, successful people but apart from that, they all have one thing in common, they make time for their fitness.

Make fitness a priority.

Look, I get it, You’re a busy individual. You probably have a family and are driven to succeed in life and with your goals. Success is clearly important to you and making a dent for yourself is a big deal. You’re not lazy or shy away from hard work either.

If you’re anything like me, you aspire for the finer things in life and you’re willing to put a shift in to achieve your goals. I have a family and my number one priority is to provide a decent quality of life for them.

So what happens to most of us is we get totally focussed or at least invested in timewise, into earning your keep. Whether it’s in a job or in your own business, the average person spends the majority of their waking day at work or working in some capacity.

But here’s the thing, you will always make time for whatever you give your priority to. Chances are, fitness isn’t seen as a priority but rather as a luxury or in some cases, a punishment! So how do we make it a priority?

Turn fitness into a keystone for your goals.

I recently travelled from Canada to the UK and listened to the audio version of the popular psychology book by Charles Duhig, ”The power of habit”. In this book, the author describes keystone habits. Number one being fitness. Keystone habits are habits you create that then spill over into all other areas of your life.

Investing time into fitness on a daily basis helps with all other goals because fitness is known to help with stress relief and for the release of hormones that make you feel happier and more productive. But not only that, the discipline you get from working out regularly then spills into your work and your personal life.

One mentor and coach that I look up to with great esteem, Garrett J White, says that fitness is your quickest route to personal power and that if done first thing in the morning, it will ignite you for the rest of the day, therein lies quite a powerful productivity hack for fitness too – get it done before your busy day starts even if it means having to wake up an hour earlier!

For the Olympic swimming champion, Michael Phelps, the keystone habit for him was meditation and relaxation. It changed everything else for him.

So here’s a question for you to consider, what is your greatest priority in your life right now? Is it your business? your family? yourself? or something else? Whatever it is, would you be more effective or less effective if you had more energy, less stress and felt more positive about life and yourself?

I am certain the answer to that question would be ‘More effective’ – so if investing in your fitnes makes you more effective in doing what you love to do, doesn’t it make sense to invest in it? Do you see how this paradigm shift alone can change things for you?

Time management is key

I started this article by stating we all have 24 hours a day. It’s not that we don’t have enough time but that we don’t utilise the time we have with the best effect. For most people, I am certain that if they really analysed their day to day activities, they could find time to work out or at least rearrange their day to fit in even a 25-minute workout.

So, out of the 24 hours, let’s take away 8 for sleep (you should be sleeping 8 hours a day) That gives you 16 hours left. Let’s say you’re an exceptionally busy person and work 10 hours a day. You have 6 left now.
You commute to and from work that takes an hour each way, you’ve got 4 hours left.
1 hour for dinner and breakfast and to get ready in the morning? 5 hours left…
The 5 hours left, surely, in that time, you can find 30 minutes to work out? I’m not even asking for a full hour!

Train Smart

Yup, It’s not about spending hours on a treadmill or working out in a gym even. You can get a pretty effective workout right where you are now… How long does it take you to do 100 Burpees, 200 press ups and 300 air squats? Guaranteed that even if you’re incredibly fit, that will challenge you!

Also, train smart! Have a plan and don’t just wonder from free exercise machine or station to the next. When you have a plan of what to do, you’ll be more productive, just like in business. Hire a personal trainer or coach to do this for you and put you through a workout. They’ll also help keep you accountable and if they’re a good coach (and we believe we are), they’ll help you with your time management and lifestyle too.


Ultimately, this is your life and you call the shots but saying you’re too busy is always an excuse. There’s always a way you can live and lead a healthier lifestyle and it could be simple things like walking to places that you usually drive to, taking stairs instead of lifts and elevators and no one puts a gun to your head and forces you to eat all those doughnuts!

As the saying goes, if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way – If not, you’ll find an excuse!

About the Author

Hi, I am Fahad and I am passionate about fitness, combat sports and personal development. I have combined those three things with my mission of helping people live kick ass lives and created Team Fighting Fit. A training program and community to help you achieve your goals in half the time!

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