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Force Multiplier,noun [ C /ˈfɔːs ˌmʌl.tɪ.plaɪ.ər/ – in military usage, refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of an item or group, giving a given number of troops (or other personnel) or weapons (or other hardware) the ability to accomplish greater things than without …

Okay, so I’ve started this post off with some dictionary definition of a phrase known as a force multiplier.

When it comes to getting results with your health and nutrition, experts will agree that the number one force multiplier is nutrition. Eating right plays the greatest role in your overall body composition and whilst you should be training in the right way and getting the right recovery, no amount of training and recovery will compensate for poor nutrition.

Let’s say your goal is to gain muscle mass and minimise fat. Well you can train as hard as you like but if you’re not meeting your calorie and macro needs, you’re not going to get very far.

In fact, in a tongue in cheek post I read from fitness expert Phil Learney, If you’re supplement game is on point but your nutrition from food is not, then the only thing that’s going to change is your bank balance.

Slightly less in your face is Dr John Berardi who regularly points out the two independent university studies that showed that exercise alone elicits a much smaller rate of body composition change than exercise and nutrition.

So how can you get better results with your fitness goals whilst training less? What’s this weird and crazy tip I hear you ask!

I recently had the privilege of spending the weekend with my mentor Kevin Walker in Newcastle. Kevin runs the most successful fitness facility in the North East of England and he was talking about his incredibly successful training programmes which see his clients train only 3 days with him (incidentally, the same as most of our programmes).

When asked what he would suggest to people who wanted to do extra training outside the 3 with him, his response was the crazy tip which I think is pure gold!

You see, we get it too… we get the clients that want to train every day if they could because let’s be honest, training makes you feel awesome and you feel like you’re doing things, ask any body who loves going to the gym, rest days kinda suck.

So what did Kevin suggest? Meal Prep!

Rather than spending an hour in the gym, spend an hour on your extra day that you want to go to the gym prepping your food for the week ahead. It should take an hour or two to make some delicious pre prepped food to keep your nutrition on point.

Meal prepping means you can have your healthy food conviently at hand so you don’t have to reach for junk or the phone to order in a pizza. Below you’ll find a few useful tips for meal prepping!

1. Arm yourself with Tupperwear

Tupperwear, zip loc bags and freezable containers are your god send. For more convenience, you can even colour code them.

2. Batch Cook

Cooking food en mass will allow you to save left overs in the aforementioned tupperwear containers and save them for later, what’s more you can save on money by bulk buying your food too. Portion out curries, chilli, bolognaise or whatever healthy food you cook into the containers. You can batch cook meats and season them too and have them in zip loc bags or tupperwear containers for convenience foods throughout the week.

3. Don’t forget the veggies

Chopping veggies and storing them in individual tupperwear containers and putting them in the fridge will help you get your veggie count in especially when you’re too tired to cook after a long hard day.

4. This one’s EGGcelent!

Boiling eggs, cooling them down and storing them in the fridge is an eggcelent (Sorry, couldn’t help myself) way of having quick and convenient protein and fat snacks. You can boil them in a pot but if you’re really going all out with the batch cooking idea, put an egg in each individual muffin space in an over muffin tray and cook more than you can fit into a pot! Takes about 30 minutes to bake 12 eggs in their shells.


5. Smoothies to go

You can freeze smoothies and even smoothie ingredients so you don’t have to fuss with getting all the ingredients ready each time you want to make a smoothie.

6. Salad Jars

Having mason jars for salads are an excellent idea too. Put the dressing at the bottom then fill the jar up in layers with the hardest stuff at the bottom (carrots, peppers, cucumbers etc) and the softer leafy greens at the top, this will stop the salad leafs from getting too soggy.


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