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With the Rio games in full swing and the world caught up in Olympic fever, I thought it was apt to write about how you can achieve your fitness goals by utilising a few training skills of an Olympic athlete.

Now, before I go on, I have to admit, I’ve never competed in the Olympics (no surprises there) but I doubt that I would have had any problem doing so if I was chosen to train for the an Olympic event as I know my obsessive nature and work ethic I put into everything I do.

Have an event.

First and foremost, I believe the biggest factor that makes an olympic athlete, or indeed any athlete, so driven and motivated to achieving their goal is the fact that they have an event to look forward to, a competition.

It’s something I suggest to my clients too, having a goal or an event, even if it something as simple as to look good for a wedding or family reunion, gives them a time frame and some positive pressure. One of my current clients is currently training for a video shoot he is doing for his business and he wants to appear more confident and feel better about his appearance for the cameras so as you can see, it doesn’t have to be a world record attempt or a high level competition but if you’re short on ideas, how about a charity race, a mud race, a photoshoot or a white collar boxing event?

The motivation you get from knowing you have an event to perform at your best is a huge motivator and I can tell you first hand the psychological shift you get from this as when I used to get told I had a fight lined up and had a date, I would step up my training and my nutrition and there would be no excuses because my mind was firmly focussed!

Go for gold

You know that old saying, it’s not the winning that counts but the taking part? Let’s be honest, that’s bull! Olympic athletes don’t train so they can show up, they train to win. And even if that doesn’t mean winning Gold, it means winning the admiration and respect of their fans and doing the best they can.

So in every session, they train with intensity and purpose with the eyes set firmly on the prize and I believe that this is one of the secrets, not of of olympians, but high achievers in any walk of life and one principle you can definitely apply to your own training – Go into each training session as though you were getting ready to compete on the world stage for a gold medal!

Positive mental attitude

I once read a book called Mind Games. It was a self help book aimed at business people but had the mindset rituals of top olympic athletes and sports figures and one thing is for certain, the people at the top of their game have a positive mindset when it comes to their goals.

If you’ve got a goal to get leaner, healthier, stronger and fitter, being positive about the goal will certainly help you more than having a negative outlook.

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Hi, I am Fahad and I am passionate about fitness, combat sports and personal development. I have combined those three things with my mission of helping people live kick ass lives and created Team Fighting Fit. A training program and community to help you achieve your goals in half the time!